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Right Choice in Air Law

Right Choice in Air Law


Air law is extremely broad and yet an area where a dip due to the small number of multi-appointed lawyers recently adopted in Turkey. Therefore aviation lawyer can be extremely compelling to find aviation lawyers. After all, the development in the sector has taken place much faster than the development of the members of the judiciary.

However, Kartal Law Firm, which is an aviation solicitor Turkey team that has added a lot to it and has proved itself a lot in terms of national law and international law, is also a candidate to close this shortcoming completely. In addition, aviation lawyers Turkey team as a law firm that constantly improves and renews itself in this field, as well as meeting expectations to the end, as well as to protect both clients and business partners from possible loss of rights meticulously; it will not neglect any details.

Air Law as an International Law

Air law is not simply a branch of law which will remain limited to Turkey. Of course, air law, which is also known as a branch of law which deals with international law and finds its application around the world, also requires an advanced foreign language knowledge just for this reason. Of course, Kartal Law Firm personnel always rely on him / herself in terms of foreign language knowledge and this trust makes their clients feel to the end.

However, it should be kept in mind that lawyers working in a branch of law with a world-wide field of application such as air law will never be enough to speak only a good level of English. In addition to this, a lawyer should be able to master this foreign language as his / her mother tongue and be able to make the most efficient defense in this foreign language on behalf of his / her client and also be able to provide consultancy services to his client in this foreign language when required. Kartal Law Firm is always ready to support its clients and business partners with the most advanced level of foreign language in this field and its staff who know these languages ​​as their mother tongue.

Necessity to Dominate Worldwide Legislation

As stated above, only air law because it is a branch of law that can not be limited to around Turkey, on legislation being implemented worldwide it is also essential to establish full sovereignty. After all, the law of the sea and the air law has an application area at the international level, and each country has its own laws as well as the common provisions of the world. Kartal Law Firm will always take care of them on behalf of its clients and will be able to recite the legislation which is applied jointly in many countries and all over the world. In this way, his clients will never be hesitant, there will be no doubt that the loss of rights has been prevented. Likewise, clients and business partners will be informed in detail about this legislation.

Keeping Up With Change and Development

As in every law, there is always a development and change in air law. As such, working with jurists who keep up with this change and development becomes very important. First of all, Kartal Law Firm closely follows the developments in all branches of law that it is interested in, especially in air law. In addition to this, Kartal Law Firm continues its activities in all branches of law in a manner that does not neglect any details and informs its clients in this field even if there is a slight change in the legislation and analyzes these changes to the finest details and adopts them to the dispute. In this way, a possible loss of rights is prevented until the end, but the changes in the short term will not be faced with the victimization.

Best Choice for Corporate Partners

Kartal Law Firm does not only provide its services to its individual clients. It also provides these services to insurance companies. With its vast experience and extensive knowledge, Kartal Law Firm will meet the expectations of insurance companies in the field of reinsurance, whether or not they want to secure themselves about the risks that insurance companies undertake in insurance activities carried out on both air, sea and land. In this way, insurance companies will take a comfortable breath and they will be able to continue their services with the peace of mind because they are prevented by safe hands. In summary, Kartal Law Firm strives to exceed its expectations by providing services not only to individual customers, but also to its corporate customers.

Counseling and Support in Material Sense

Kartal Law Firm provides financial support to its clients and business partners in many areas. One of them is airplane financing. Although the work Even though the financing of airplanes is the most important, this financing means many important points to enter the aviation sector and to develop in this sector. In addition to this, the Kartal Law Firm also provides consultancy on the arrangement of the relations between many credit institutions, especially the banks and clients and the execution of these relations.

Moreover, this facility is not just a question for Turkey. In addition, in many countries, the financing requirement in the aviation sector is met worldwide. Of course, clients will also be advised about this financing. After all, since the team working within the Kartal Law Firm has given its years to the aviation sector, any necessary information will be made about the amount of funding, for example.

Higher Quality of Service with This Existing Team

It is of course very important that those who are consulted or consulted on behalf of getting advice or legal support in any area are experts in this work. However, if these people have been in this business for many years, the advantage will be much more. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Kartal Law Firm. Ali Kartal, one of the most important members of the team, has a commercial pilot license for many years. In other words, those who adopt the Kartal Law Firm as a business partner will not only work with a lawyer specialized in this field, but will also work directly with an aviator who does this work.

Qualified Service Sharing Experience

Ali Kartal will always share his experiences in this profession with the support of his clients and business partners. In addition, Ali Kartal is a business partner and a lawyer who is familiar with the many problems that exist in this sector and that he has innumerable predictions about how these problems can be overcome. As a matter of fact, what makes Kartal Law Firm different from other law firms is that there is a member who is so involved in the team.

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