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Construction Signs

Construction Signs

Construction Signs

Health and safety signs are a means to be highly noticed due to the colour selections. Each colour is crucial due to its different meanings and usage. EU Signs Ltd complies with British Standards and use required colours and pictograms manufacturing signage. If you require any further information about colour of signage and usage of pictograms give us a call on 02033752100 and an expert will answer your questions thoroughly.

Fire exit signs are of great importance in human safety. All fire signs should be installed properly following a health and safety officer’s survey then, a natural flow is provided to evacuate the building during emergency. Placing the fire signage properly prevents the panic between people. These safety signs are also a guiding map provided by the health and safety officers. It is also essential to use bold letters and easily visible colours.

If you visit a construction site, you see a big signage at the entry of the site providing necessary information about the construction site such the name of the contractor etc. Prohibition construction site signs are used to regulate the entry or prohibit to use a machine at the site. There are also construction warning signage to regulate safety of the workers warning them about dangerous substances or dangerous electric voltage levels. Construction safety signs are crucial to establish a low risk workplace.

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