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Led TL 60 cm

Led TL 60 cm



Led TL 60 cm, 30 mm. it is in diameter. It is 590 mm long. 4000 K is neutral white. The LED TL verlichting is compatible with indoor and outdoor. The product is water resistant. For this reason, it is also often preferred in outdoor spaces. It’s the thinnest and smallest in size. It saves electricity in accordance with the use area. For this reason, it’s very preferred. İt’s especially suitable for decoration with it’s thin and delicate appearance. This has been the biggest advantage of the feature. It is highly appreciated by people who use it. The product delivers up to 25,000 hours of combustion. It’s incredible to have a minimum effect of 25,000 hours. It gives the same light quality until the last moment.


Led TL buis quality. Durable and long lasting. Led TL has come to the fore with its energy saving. It is a water and heat resistant product. Made of aluminum and plastic material. A reliable product is the content of the material used. It has a beam angle of 170 degrees. It has the A + energy label. It is proof that it saves energy at the highest level. Ideal for everyday use with 10 W consumption. It is possible to use our website for reliable product orders.


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